Reservations made on our web site are guaranteed. Your online reservations will be saved into our reservation system by the new technology produced and currently being used by our Agency. Priority will be given to bookings as made in online realtime these bookings will be guaranteed and payment will be taken . The final step will allow you to choose a payment option. Tour dates are indicated on the reservation system and dates cannot be booked if they are not available .The programme may be subject to change due to weather conditions etc on any of the dates mentioned .If due to this change the passenger wishes to cancel and has made payment by credit card then the money will be refunded into their bank account .The Agency will not be responsible for any loss of commission or time delays regarding any refunds . Turkish citizens must pay 15 TL exit fee before the departure.

This documentation must be available for inspection. As this journey is international it is important that all sections of this form are fully completed accurately with no misspellings regarding the 'Passenger information'. We will not be responsible for any information that has been inaccurately completed and we are not liable for any refund.

1.This service operates for customers travelling Fethiye- Rhodes- Fethiye

2.Any cancellations or delays caused by weather conditions or Force Majore etc the Company will not be liable for any additional costs incurred as a result of this.

3.The Company can change the price and once it has been advised to the agents they are then responsible for collecting the new amount from their customers

4.It is the Agents responsibility to ensure that all passengers are aware that they must retain their entry papers for their return . If they do not then they will not be allowed to leave .

5.Anyone entering Turkey with a car which is recorded on their passport will not be allowed to travel . It is the responsibility of the agent to check the passport for such instances . If this is not done then the responsibility lies with the agent .

6.We are not responsible for fines or penalties due to a problem caused by thepassengers visa . If any passenger is aware of a problem with their paperwork they must present themselves to the relavant authorities early to sort out such issues .

7.Any passenger who has a child or children registered on their passport will not be allowed to leave the country without the children . It is the responsibility of the agent to check the passport and advise the passengers .

8.Fethiye Courts have jurisdiction over all legal disputes between The Company and The Agent or the individual.

*** If you choose not to pay by credit card, you will find our iban number below. The payment must be done in 48 hours after reservation, and then confirmation will be made. If you require a mail order form you can request this by calling us on + 90 252 - 612 42 42

N.M.F. Turizm

TL IBAN    : TR39 0006 2000 0650 0006 2994 56

EURO IBAN    : TR31 0006 2000 0650 0009 0932 00


The booking can be paid using any of the above credit cards .To do this you will need your credit card number including the last 3 digits of the security code on the reverse of your card . Your credit card

information will be stored under the Global Sign guarantee system which ensures your information safety . Most major companies use a system which has a level of 40 bits but our system has a level of 128 bits for additional security .


1. VISA AND MASTERCARD: All agencies that are accepting payment with the above cards must obtain the CVV ( security code ) this is the last 3 digits on the reverse of the credit card and this is explained in the rules under the Interbank Card Center (BKM ) October 1 2001 .This provides protection for yourselves and the bank .This is to minimize your risk and offer you a safer shopping environment .

2. Dear guest whilst you have booked your reservation online there is a very small chance that the payment amount may differ . If the amount paid by yourself is less than the required amount we will request the additional payment be made . If the amount is more than the required amount this money will be refunded to you . We kindly request your understanding in these circumstances .

3.    Open Return and One Way (Rhodes to Fethiye)passengers must pay an additional tax in Rhodes.One way: 10 EUR,Open return: 10 EUR, Same Day Return: no payment


Cancellations made 7 days before the date of travel will receive a full refund . Cancellations received within this time will not be valid for any refund of payment. Your booking is subject to the terms and conditions contained within this booking page which you must read and accept . Once the booking is made we will assume that these terms and conditions have been read and agreed by yourself .Thank you for choosing to book with us and we hope that your journey and stay will be a pleasant one Kind Regards



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