1.Tickets are personal and not transferable to third parties.

2.Passengers must present their ticket at the port check in desk.

3.Open dated tickets are valid for the year are off and no action is taken in case of loss of open dated tickets.

4.Passenger agrees to be ready at the port 1 hour prior the departure of the vessel.

5.If passenger is denied to travel by the authorities the ticket is not refundable.

6.Passenger has to follow the passport and visa status. (Validity expiry etc)

7.Voyage cancellations due to bad weather conditions are characterized as FORCE MAJORE any extra expenses as transportation, hotel accommodation or dinner is not in the responsibility of our company.

8.The transporter may make any changes on the journey schedules without any notice. Passengers are obliged to check the schedules prior departure.

9.Passengers travelling with ID Cards must always keep their stamp paper with them to be able to travel.

10.Passengers with expired visas are obliged to be earlier at the port and be ready to pay the according penalty for the overstay violation.

11.Children that are registered in parents' passport must travel with the passport withholder parent.

12.In case passengers want to change their voyage date they can contact the agency and require the date change by email.

13.Passenger can cancel the ticket 7 days (168 hours) prior voyage. In this case a full refund to their bank account will take place. The cancellation will not be confirmed in any fewer days' prior departure.

14.the Agency is not obliged nor to accept responsibility to cover any expenses due to acts of death, injury, baggage & personal belongings loss OR/AND damage if it is not proven by the Fethiye Judicial Court and/or if the above are acts of a third party the Agency is not obliged to cover any damage/loss and/or expenses if it is not proven by the Fethiye Judicial Courts.

15.Hereby I agree and accept all the terms and conditions the moment the reservation has gone through.